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20130224-093837.jpg The concept for this project derived from oriental art. If we look at the Asian folk art, we will find similar technique of layering, I.e. the Japanese cut art, the Chinese mask and even the one that close to home, the shadow puppet a.k.a wayang kulit. It a wonderful platform to work from, by combining this with current technology with LED lighting and a simple white color surfaces to disperse and reflect the light color we have a magical recipe.

This bar is placed in an iconic view, thus the story line inside the shadow box in front of the bar will have to be equally powerful and along come the idea of ‘walking on the forest’. We are drawn right away to the idea of having lots of animal in the mixed within the forest idea on the riverbank and mountain backdrop.

This a modular system bar and can be adjusted to accommodate need of my client. It has 8 shadow boxes that could be configured in to a single large bar or a few smaller units.

Location of the bar: Tirtha Bridal Uluwatu.

20130224-093901.jpg 20130224-093922.jpg 04 03 01


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pita chandelier
stainless steel + microfibre
size: 70cm x 2.4mtr x  1 mtr

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08 layered-fabric-chand

water ring chandelier

The concept of the chandelier is initiated from the architecture of the house; a contemporary takes on the oriental/temple style.  The layered sheer fabric shades are designed with structures only at the base and the top. The entire feeling of it is very soft and they move individually with the wind.  It’s very shoothing when they do.
material: copper + sheer fabric
size: 85cm x 2.5mtr x  2 mtr

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