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venue: Tirtha Luhur, Uluwatu, Bali

list of items:

-birdcage gazebo

– pandora box lighting

– otis sofa

– clear acrylic console table

– Clear Acrylic crystal cut candelabra

– floating stem vases

_MG_2395_TL_- Water Wedding in White 3 Water Wedding in White 5


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Origanally from North Sumatra, Indonesia, Budiman went on to finished his degree in three dimensional design at Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK. After graduating, he worked for a design company, John Hardy in Bali. While there, he was experimenting with varius materials and processes on projects in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In 2008, Budiman launched his own brand, ONG CEN KUANG, focussing on cutomised design and fabrication. A big part of influences in his design are his childhood memories. Symmetrical shapes and repetition becoming his unique style in designing. Budiman believes all materials can be harnessed to its maximum potential. One of his exciting project is ‘A Walk in A Forest’ it derived from oriental art, in his opinion, various culture in Asian art and craft use layering techniques, adapting this concept, Budiman has created a modular bar system which is brilliant.

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AU 01 AU 02 AU 03 AU 04The starting point for this project is the building itself.  I took the liberty of using the strong angle of wooden beam on the structure and apply them to the interior element, i.e, the chairs, which complimented by of course the main concept, stone cuts and jewel drops.  All parts are kept as pure and simple as possible, introducing a unlikely but strong married of white fiber and clear glass, complimented by purposeful warm colored thin later of teak wood


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the concept of the event is to think globally and to act locally, 3000 pcs of recycle printed paper cranes and  paper lilies were folded by the staff to create bouquets of mobiles installation around the venue. bamboo parasol and natural fibre were use and decorated with origamis.  we minimize cut flowers by using potted orchards instead and by bringing a four meters high frangipani trees as a centre piece of the dining area and decorated it with the fore mentioned origami instead of cut flowers. recycle bottled were use as flower pots around and as centre pieces on table tops.

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pita chandelier
stainless steel + microfibre
size: 70cm x 2.4mtr x  1 mtr

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08 layered-fabric-chand

water ring chandelier

The concept of the chandelier is initiated from the architecture of the house; a contemporary takes on the oriental/temple style.  The layered sheer fabric shades are designed with structures only at the base and the top. The entire feeling of it is very soft and they move individually with the wind.  It’s very shoothing when they do.
material: copper + sheer fabric
size: 85cm x 2.5mtr x  2 mtr

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bali style oct 2011

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