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Origanally from North Sumatra, Indonesia, Budiman went on to finished his degree in three dimensional design at Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK. After graduating, he worked for a design company, John Hardy in Bali. While there, he was experimenting with varius materials and processes on projects in Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. In 2008, Budiman launched his own brand, ONG CEN KUANG, focussing on cutomised design and fabrication. A big part of influences in his design are his childhood memories. Symmetrical shapes and repetition becoming his unique style in designing. Budiman believes all materials can be harnessed to its maximum potential. One of his exciting project is ‘A Walk in A Forest’ it derived from oriental art, in his opinion, various culture in Asian art and craft use layering techniques, adapting this concept, Budiman has created a modular bar system which is brilliant.


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elle decoration


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naive marilyn

code: MSL104

material: Linen + teakwood

size: 60 x 60 x 185cm


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witty marilyn

Code: MSL103

Material: linen +teakwood/bamboo plank

Size; 65 x 65 x 185cm


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