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ONG CEN KUANG is a design company based in Bali. It was set up in May 2008, focusing on conceptual work on many multidisciplinary projects as well as launching collections of lighting, home accessories and small furniture.Budiman Ong, the designer was born and raised in North Sumatra, Indonesia, trained in subject of Art and design, attending Three Dimensional Design at gray school of art, Concluded Graduating with Honors degree from Robert Gordon University, Scotland, UK.After Graduating, he was working for John Hardy, a Design company based in Bali, Indonesia heading their product/special project department in his last two years working there.During his time with John Hardy, Budiman has managed and worked with various materials, variety of processes, and multidisciplinary projects. He has been traveling to various cities Indonesia and abroad to work on projects in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.Many of the collection are based on idea repetition of broken symmetry. Repetition and Symmetry appeals to our visual sense, however perfect mathematical symmetry is predictable, our minds also like surprises and we consider that to be more beautiful. The form themselves are interpretation of nature, embracing the beauty and ever changing entities of nature. They could be placed in between malleable sea creatures or flower and yet also sit comfortably and give nuance/texture to spaces.Budiman takes his influence primarily from childhood memories, his fondness of paper origami, simple hand made techniques and his fascination with materials and their origin quality. This has been supported by his fondness of drawing three dimensionally by making paper mock ups. He believes that all material quality can be harnessed to its maximum potentials. He is intrigue by the life, created by his products and the materials long after they are being produced. It is his great ambition to create pieces that have reach beyond the commercial affect of purchase satisfaction.

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